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The main products available through Culligan of Chico include:

The Aquasential Smart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System: With multiple purification options, this system reduces nearly all contaminants, bringing pure, safe water to your home. Purified water is for much more than drinking; it’s better for cooking, for brewing coffee and tea, for rinsing your fruits and vegetables, and for cleaning. Ditch the plastic water bottles and jugs with Culligan and still have great purified water wherever and whenever you need.

Ascent 80 Bottleless Water Cooler: Bring an unlimited supply of purified drinking water to your home or office with the Ascent 80 Bottleless Water Cooler. Featuring a touchless sensor for dispensing hot and cold water and a large dispensing area suitable for both cups and tall bottles, this water cooler is the perfect addition to your home or office–and you’ll never have to worry about swapping in a new, heavy water bottle again.

Peak Bottleless Water Cooler: This bottleless cooler is best for home or office water dispensing. This system not only features hot, cold, and room temperature water but creates clean and clear ice too. That Ice is perfect for keeping your Culligan Water or other beverages cold. Be the hero of the office with the best solutions from Culligan.

Culligan High Efficiency Municipal: A two-in-one solution, the HE Municipal is ideal for homes with their water source supplied from a local municipality. If you get a water bill, this could be the solution to your filtration and softening needs. The system employs a unique and specialized chlorine filtration to remove contaminants for an improved taste and smell while softening your water.

Aquasential Smart High Efficiency Water Softener: Whole house water softening has never been more straightforward or accessible than with Aquasential. Culligan’s High Efficiency water softener is the king of efficiency. Utilizing Culligan’s Smart Technology, it provides excellent, soft water to every faucet and fixture in your home.

Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner: This dual filtration water conditioner is ideal for those looking for salt-free conditioning. It does not require access to electricity or a drain, making this system a great solution to prevent hard water scale in your home.

Aquasential Non-Backwashing Filter System Models: Our filters are customized to your home’s water. With so many options for filtration available for these models, we use our extensive water treatment experience to help you select the perfect one for you and your home.

The Culligan Portable Exchange Deionizers: As part of Culligan’s commercial and industrial range, these systems are known for their durability and efficiency, providing high-purity water for any application.

Culligan Soft Water Portable Exchange Service: The exchange service is our simplest solution to soft water. This tried and true Culligan method of getting soft water has been around since Culligan began. Once you are all set up, we will take care of the rest.