The Techy Water Dispenser

Written by Shelly Brandon for Upgraded Living


We all remember the classic water cooler stacked with that clear jug and stocked with paper cups, but Culligan wants to introduce you to the water cooler of today. Environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and genuinely modern looking, the Ascent 80 Bottleless Cooler and the Culligan Peak Combination Ice Maker and Water Dispenser are the next step in water service.


Better for your environment:


Culligan connects the water cooler directly to your water line, so there’s no need to change out heavy replacement jugs and no plastic being added to the environment down the line. The coolers have the signature Culligan filtration system to reduce contaminants, bad tastes, and odors while adding back minerals and electrolytes, resulting in pure, fresh-tasting water. Culligan water means you’re less likely to purchase single-use water bottles and more apt to just fill up that Kleen Kanteen, Yeti, or other reusable bottles, and with the Peak or Ascent 80 dispensing it, this couldn’t be easier.


Better for your budget:


Water consumption fluctuates with the seasons and so does the cost associated with traditional water coolers depending on how many bottles are changed out every week. However, with the bottleless water cooler, the price stays the same regardless of how much water is used. There’s no water jug associated with the system, so there’s no delivery fee, no transportation fee, and no charges associated with cleaning and sanitizing old bottles. The monthly cost remains the same whether you use 5 or 500 gallons, and even the required yearly maintenance is included in the monthly rental price.


Better for your aesthetic:


The sleek, streamlined black and blue design with touchless controls fits seamlessly into any home or office space. Simply select hot or cold water and dispense your selection with a wave of the hand. It’s the perfect companion for kitchens or break rooms, ready to supply cold water, crunchy ice, and hot water for tea, soups, or coffee without having to camouflage the unsightly jug with well-placed houseplants. 


Culligan’s newest water dispensers have everything you’re looking for in an innovative techy package; better aesthetic, better budget, and better for the environment.


More information can be found by contacting us or by calling 530-343-5100.


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