What’s In Your Water?

Written by Shelly Brandon for Upgraded Living


If you could wave a magic Culligan wand, what would your water look like? Would it be clear, without that ever-present sulfur smell? Would it be softer and less damaging to your appliances? Would it stop leaving excessive rust stains on your drains and fixtures?


William Bocast and Clay Farrell are your local Culligan Water owners and are ready to help you solve your water problems. The Culligan company has been around for over 90 years, and it’s been here in Chico for almost 40. Clay and William bought the franchise back in January of 2022 after William had worked at Culligan for over 15 years. He shares, “We wanted to work somewhere where we actually wanted to work. We wanted to foster a culture and have a business where other people wanted to come to work as well, all while helping people.” 


There is a lot to know about water, and as people have become more concerned and focused on the quality of the foods they eat, it follows that they’ve also become more aware of what goes into the water they drink. Having that local expert available to help navigate all the ins and outs of water treatment is an invaluable resource. William says, “The internet is full of misinformation on water, and we’re here to weed through all that and help guide people so they can get good clean water for their home or business.” 


The first step to getting the best out of your water is to contact Culligan for their complimentary water test. “We have to find out what’s going on with your water before we can start talking about solutions,” says William. Clay says going to a client’s home is like “going on a field trip.” They look at what’s in the water along with where the water is coming from—whether it’s municipal or well water. They perform a site survey to determine where the waterline enters the house, the size of the main line, and where the water shut-off valve is located. William says, “A lot of homeowners don’t know where their shut-off is, so we’ll find it and show them how to turn it off. Our primary goal is to educate and share our knowledge with them so they have all the tools to make an informed decision on what’s best for their family.”


William and Clay will ask clients questions about their water and gather information to discuss different solutions that would be available to them. Much the same way a mechanic needs to check under the hood of a car in order to determine what’s wrong and how to go about repairing it, Culligan needs to take a look at your water, look in the back of your toilet tank, and see what’s going on. All of these details will give them clues as to what’s in the water and how to go about improving it. After Culligan’s in-house installation team installs new equipment, homeowners will typically notice a change in their water within just a few days. 


The iconic ‘Culligan Man’ is what sets their company apart. Anyone can sell you a piece of water treatment equipment, but having focused expertise and a dedicated service department is crucial. They come out and service your equipment if anything breaks down, perform scheduled service on their products, and make deliveries of the bags of salt used to better your water directly to your home. William stresses, “We look at each customer as if we’re building a twenty-year relationship. It’s beyond just the sale of the equipment.”

Want to find out what’s in your water?  Contact us today or give the Culligan Man a call at 530-343-5100



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